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There's Going to be a Baby by John Birmingham

There's Going to Be a Baby - John Burningham, Helen Oxenbury

A mother tells her small son, "There's going to be a baby".


He imagines all the things his brother or sister will do and see and be … a chef, a gardener, a sailor, a doctor …


 As the story progresses, the size of his Mummy's tummy gets bigger too. Half way through, he says, "Mummy, can't you tell the baby to go away? We don't really need the baby do we?"

" … beautifully observed … " Nicolette Jones, Sunday Times. I agree!


Gently illustrated by Helen Oxenbury with rich warm colours, with his contrasting imaginary world – muted, textured with fine polka-dots, and displayed in cartoon-style boxes.


There's is no mention of his father, however, his Grandad takes him to see Mum & baby in hospital.


A soft, warm and gentle read.