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Rosie Revere, Engineer by Andrea Beaty

Rosie Revere, Engineer - Andrea Beaty, David  Roberts

This book is fun!


First the story … it is written in a simple rhyming verse with a strong feminist message, courtesy of Rosie the Riveter, the WWII scarf-wearing character whose slogan was "We can do it!".

An illustrated & captioned history of women and aviation is included too. 

Her great-great-aunt Rose (who has a very large bust!) declares, "Your brilliant first flop was a raging success!" and "The only true failure can come if you quit."

A nice reminder to children that hard work, research, trial & error, and a good attitude to failure & setbacks are vital to success. 

I'm only learning this now!


Illustrations are by David Roberts. They are full of detail, rich pure colour and ingenuity.

He brings a retro/vintage feel — from her 50s style teacher with an hourglass figure, pointy shoes and a top-knot updo to 70's style wicker-ware bedroom furniture to the bohemian style outfits ( a little 20s, 60s and 70s!) of her Aunts and Uncle. 


Rosie's bedroom at night with a lovely moonlight glow.


Rosie (the girl with the open eye) in her classroom — with her teacher, Lila Greer.  


And finally, Rosie's bohemian Aunts.



Dr. Seuss's Sleep Book

The Sleep Book - Dr. Seuss

I have very fond memories of this book. I found it comforting yet also a little disturbing.

The little practical person in me often wondered "How can that be?"


Filled with impossibly-complicated contraptions, magical creatures and their wonderful names, like - Foona-Lagoona Baboona, Herk-Heimer Sisters, Chippendale Mupp and The Crandalls.


Here is a Jedd in his bed …


the old drawbridge draw-er …


and one more-er …

There's Going to be a Baby by John Birmingham

There's Going to Be a Baby - John Burningham, Helen Oxenbury

A mother tells her small son, "There's going to be a baby".


He imagines all the things his brother or sister will do and see and be … a chef, a gardener, a sailor, a doctor …


 As the story progresses, the size of his Mummy's tummy gets bigger too. Half way through, he says, "Mummy, can't you tell the baby to go away? We don't really need the baby do we?"

" … beautifully observed … " Nicolette Jones, Sunday Times. I agree!


Gently illustrated by Helen Oxenbury with rich warm colours, with his contrasting imaginary world – muted, textured with fine polka-dots, and displayed in cartoon-style boxes.


There's is no mention of his father, however, his Grandad takes him to see Mum & baby in hospital.


A soft, warm and gentle read. 



The Emperor of Absurdia by Chris Riddell

The Emperor of Absurdia - Chris Riddell


I bought this gorgeous book from The Book Centre in Kilkenny, Ireland.

I spent many hours browsing its books and stationery, or having tea & cake in the upstairs cafe. I even queued there at midnight, with an enthusiastic teenager, for the last Harry Potter book!


This book is about a little boy having the most extraordinary dream.

Beautifully illustrated with an intricate pen and wash style with mainly rich blues & egg-yellow gold and small touches of pinks & greens. The creatures have been drawn in a fantastical style, sort of Dr Seuss-ish. They include a dragon with a goatee, big birds, toads, snoring fish and the hirsute Wardrobe Monster. 


Strange and wonderful!





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At the Beach by Roland Harvey

At the Beach - Roland Harvey

Roland Harvey is one of my favourite children's illustrators. His illustrations are filled with humour, joy, and the BEST hidden surprises!


I will never be too old to drag out my magnifying glass to spend some time with them.


At the Beach - Postcards from Crabby Spit is the first in the series of his holiday books.


A local Treasure Trove on a rainy day ...



and Crabby Spit Beach ...